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Personality Types



The Eyes Have It

Who gives more eye contact at work, men or women? Women give and seek more eye contact than men. In our culture we look at a person’s face while listening to the spoken words. We then look away while we are talking. We look back at the other person when we are done to...

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Why We Love the One We Love

Why do we give our hearts to someone? Do they steal it? Do we surrender it? Have we pursued them in order to better ignore them to pose a convoluted challenge? Do we select someone because we know we can control or manipulate them? Do we love the “bad boy” who must be...

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Blooming Ambition = Mastery + Recognition

In spring our thoughts turn to new growth, budding and blooming. What better time to take a look at personal opportunities for rebirth and blooming? What do we want to achieve? What next step do we need to take? What could be holding us back from our “full bloom”...

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